Lift Cabin Design

A well-kept cabin design can add value to a building and keep an elevator clean and modern. We can help you find the right design combination. If not, we'll customize one. Attractive cabin designs make your customer experience excellent. All cabin designs are available for all lifts. As per the location where you want to install your desired elevator or lift, you can fully customize it to 360 degrees.

1. Elevatorceilings set the mood. Ceiling customizations include eco-friendly LED lights, wooden finishes, and jaw-dropping tiles.

2. Wall panels are your cabin's biggest presentation to the world. Choose from mirrors to full glass to spruce up your elevator.

3. The elevator's interior is protected by car doors. We'll make sure your single- or two-speed doors look and work great.

4. Handrails are an important part of cabin interiors. They can be installed on the back, sides, and bottom. Remember this for your next upgrade!

5. Frequent foot traffic can damage an elevator's floor. Our materials can functionally and aesthetically update your elevator interior.

5. The cabin's front wall is the hero. It helps with door frames and protects the COP, even if it's not replaced.