Construction Hoist Lift

A construction hoist lift is installed during the construction of high-rise buildings. It is available in one-cage and two cages. Construction hoist lift that can carry 1 to 5 tonnes. It can be customised as per customer requirements. It is beneficial to quickly transfer goods or people from the ground floor to the upper floors. We are providing the perfect hoist lift for construction because of its efficiency, safety, low energy consumption, and low running expenses. Just your own machinery, no cranes or heavy trucks needed. Material hoists are strong and don't break easily, so you'll have little downtime and avoid accidents that could injure you, your workers, or bystanders. Our Construction Hoists are also known as Material Hoists, Construction Elevators, Temporary Elevators, Personnel Hoists, Buck Hoists, Man-lifts, Material Lifts, and Rack & Pinion Hoists.

Easy Move Lift Is One of The Top Distributorship In UAE For Construction Hoists

Easy Move Lift is a high-quality construction hoist lift provider in UAE that is both simple to use as well as easy to install. We undergo a stringent testing process before being on sale. Easy Move construction hoists are powered by a high-efficiency helical gearing, allowing for smooth operation and energy economy while maintaining our standard of safety and use. High-strength materials and a revolutionary design offer low energy consumption, greater operating efficiency and less wear for a cheap cost to own. Modern microprocessor construction hoist lift control systems with stop-next-landing control are simple to use and easy to understand. Improved use of machine accessories and increased transport capacity.

A Pinion With A Rack

More than 50 years of rack and pinion drive technology innovation have made Easy Move Lift the world's leading rack and pinion drive manufacturer. Designed and built to our stringent standards, we can withstand the most grueling of working environments. The ability to change the design of a product multiple door choices are available for the construction hoists: a vertical door with load ramp, a bi-folding door and a vertical door. The loading ramp eliminates the need for specialized landing bridges and enables for the rapid and simple loading of items. Drive system that uses less power. An efficient helical gearbox reduces power consumption and operating expenses by a significant margin.

Control Of The Frequency

VFC (Variable Frequency Control) has a low beginning current, reduced wear and tear, and enhanced landing precision, making it ideal for starting and stopping. Any customer's power requirements may be met with a variety of voltages.

Equipment That Lasts Longer

Galvanized steel mast sections and tie-ins are used in the construction hoist lift. In order to provide equal wear and a longer operating life, a centrally positioned rack balances the force between mast pipes and rollers.

Reduced Use Of Electrical Energy

A more energy-efficient cage is now possible in construction hoists because of improvements in design and materials that make the cages themselves stronger, lighter, and more compact. Welded cage walls and a permanent cage frame make the machine last longer and make it less noisy and less likely to shake.

Installation And Dismantling Are Simple

There are no special tools needed, and there are two on the drive unit and four on the top of the vehicle to make it easy to set up and take down construction hoists. As a result, you get a construction hoist lift that's both affordable and simple to operate.