Dumbwaiter lift

Easy move is a best elevator company in UAE. We have extremely knowledge in our field product. Here are two different types of machinery. Commercial dumbwaiter and elevators. Elevators carry the passengers or weight. dumbwaiter holds and shifts small goods. We are providing commercial dumbwaiter. You can transport your small things without any difficulty through Dumbwaiter lifts. Instead of people carrying the items it transports safely their items. These elevators are more safe and secure and easy to use for employees and home lift users. You can easily install at your place in suitable price ranges all colors and sizes are available. our unique and different pattern designs are very attractive. If people carry the items so risk chances get increased. slip from stairs or any kind of stain. This technology keeps you safe from any damage.

Purpose of Dumbwaiter as commercial or Home lift:

The residential dumbwaiter is different from other elevators. Therefore, it is small in size. other elevators only carry the passengers but these elevators carry the small thing. It is a kind of service lift which is mostly usable in restaurants and hotels to transport food items quickly between the floors. Easy Move makes it easier to get these service elevators with affordability. If you have many stories in your home so you can also install these elevators. It is a secure way to transport our goods without any kind of risk. 

Weight And Capacity of Dumbwaiter Elevators:

Another passenger elevator carries the 500 to 1000-pound weight. Because there are dozens of passengers for these elevators. On the other hand, a dumbwaiter is a service lift that connects the floors. it is only for transporting the food, laundry, or small things that you can carry easily. You can shift through the residential dumbwaiter. It carries the maximum 250-pound weight at a time.

Size of Dumbwaiter:

A commercial dumbwaiter size is just like a cardboard box. This type of elevator can not bear too much weight for passengers. It is very small in size. You can install it easily at your place in a small area. Its size is enough for goods like food products, crockery or laundry, etc. The other elevators are available in large sizes because these are used to carry huge weight but these elevators are only for the minimum weight. 

How Dumbwaiter safe and secure:

A small Size commercial dumbwaiter is designed to transport the items rather than people. It is usually suitable for commercial and residential purposes. The main functionality of this elevator is to transport small goods. It is very helpful for those who are facing trouble carrying products up and downstairs in home so you can use a dumbwaiter for your kitchen as home lift. It is very convenient for residential purposes. dumbwaiter makes your home more accessible. Residential dumbwaiters are not only safe in use. It is also made safer in your home and workplace. Like you can prevent yourself from falling on stairs or strain if you carry some items. Easy move providing residential dumbwaiter lifts that are safer, secure and efficient in working. It is very safe for employees and homeowners. It is very easy to use. Here are some of the safety points:

Interlock of Residential Dumbwaiter: 

Interlock is an important and expected feature in dumbwaiter elevators. Installation with interlock makes the more secure shifting of your products. Without any kind of damage, you can install it easily and smoothly transport your product from one floor to any other floor. interlock is a secure lock that prevents your product from any kind of damage. 

Do not exceed the weight limit:

Notice the weight that your elevator can bear of products. It is a very small elevator if you want to save and secure shifting of the product so do not overload the elevator. Just put only bearable weight products. If you exceed the weight limit it is not suitable.

Allow time for rest between shifting: 

If you send your first trip to give some rest to the dumbwaiter for the next trip. Frequently transporting the product is really harmful to your elevator. It will get overheated. That is not a good act. if you want to avoid any mechanical issues.  allow a time gap between two trips. 

Our services:

We are providing perfect and quality services for your elevator maintenance, easy move and are highly expert in our field. our maintenance and repair services increase the durability. We are providing satisfactory service to our valued customers. you can contact us at any time. We are available at any time to our customers. We are providing all products at affordable rates. you can buy and install any color or desire design. affordability makes a possibility for our customer to buy these elevators. Our team experts are highly professional. whenever you want to take services for your elevators. Just call us our experts will reach your destination quickly. Our aim is to provide satisfaction to our customers because customer satisfaction is always our first priority.